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Multi Head With Servo Collar Type Machine

Product Details:

Film Size 100 mm-500 mm width x 100 mm-200 mm Length
Power 3 kw 230 v / AC / Single Phase / 50 Hz
Optional Batch Coding Device
Weight 1400 kg (Approx)
Packing Range 10 gm to 1 Kg
Film Roll Type Laminated Film in Roll Supported Film E.g. Aluminium Foil Paper
Filling System Multi Head Weigher 10 Head Weight Filler and 14 Head -/+0.1%
Type of Sealing Central Seal
Machine Size 72" x 85" x126"
Packing Material Kurkure, Puffs, Potato Chips, Grains Etc.
Compressed Air 6 CFM @ 6 bar
Speed 45 to 60 bag/min (Varies with the nature of product and filling range)


  • Simple Operation and low maintenance
  • All Contact parts are made of stainless steel 316
  • This machine is equipped with the Ac Frequency drive with the latest Addition for speed Adjustment.
  • Photoelectric mark registration system for precise cutting and sealing of the sachet pouches.
  • Customer made to suit specific requirement.

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